Tuesday, 20 December 2011

HOW TO WEAR- Cuffed Jeans

I love love love this look, its so versatile. It can look chic when worn with heels for a night-time look and casual with a boyfriend tee or just a sweater and a pair of good ol' converses. It looks good on both men and women.

Melody Motha

Rachel Bilson

Kim Kardashian Inspired outfit- Mayte Hoxwell of maytedoll

Classic look with converse sneakers and a plaid shirt

This look is everywhere! With thin cuffed jeans or slacks, no thick cuffs. It also works with semi-formal shoes, boots or loafers for men.

This looks great with flats too- Audrina Patridge

And that's me and a cousin-in-law. Excuse the quality of the image!

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