Tuesday, 20 December 2011

HOW TO WEAR- Cuffed Jeans

I love love love this look, its so versatile. It can look chic when worn with heels for a night-time look and casual with a boyfriend tee or just a sweater and a pair of good ol' converses. It looks good on both men and women.

Melody Motha

Rachel Bilson

Kim Kardashian Inspired outfit- Mayte Hoxwell of maytedoll

Classic look with converse sneakers and a plaid shirt

This look is everywhere! With thin cuffed jeans or slacks, no thick cuffs. It also works with semi-formal shoes, boots or loafers for men.

This looks great with flats too- Audrina Patridge

And that's me and a cousin-in-law. Excuse the quality of the image!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Here's to giving the LBD a teeny break for the next classic look. I love how both the LBD and its counterpart are very chic and sexy. Nothing is as classy a the minimal look, so this dress shouldn't be worn too frilly, I'm sure you don't want the wedding look now do you? Lol! But if you think white is too revealing or uncharted territory for you there's always the next best options such as ivory, cream or off-white to avoid being left out.

This is a hot for this season, I love the fresh clean lines on this fashion-must-have, it is in itself elegant and playful. Accesories should be kept to a minimal- a bright pair of killer heels, metallics (but keep these at one item) or nude tones.

Hot off the Runway

Celeb Trends


Jada Pinkett-Smith rocking an off white dress with nude accessories and amber opts for bright.

J.Lo is clearly a fan of this trend

Lauren Conrad in lace

Beyonce and Kerry Washington

Bonang Matheba

Street Style

T-shirt dress

Don't be scared to go bold with your accessories- this dress is like a canvas!

Here's to giving the LBD a break because you have another great option.

Saturday, 03 December 2011

How To Tie A Turban


1. Start out by folding your scarf into a triangle. Then keep rolling it until it is one long thin piece. See below.

2. Place the scarf on the nape of your neck and pull up the two sides to the top of your head.

3. Twist the two sides around each other one time.

4. Pull the two sides down to the nape of your neck.

5. Tie a knot and tuck in the loose ends. It should look like this...


1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and place it over your head with the pointy end falling over your forehead.

2. Pull the two sides to the top of your head and twist them around each other once.

3. Pull the two sides down to the nape of your neck, tie a knot and tuck in the loose ends. Take the pointy part of the scarf over your forehead and tuck it up into the twist at the top of your head. It should look like this...

source: Sweet Things Blog